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Update on the bulk annuity markets from Rothesay Life with case study insights from their clients on recent…

SPEAKER(S): Alan Goodman, Chief Investment Officer, Telent Uk Pension

Sammy Cooper-Smith, Head of Business Development, Rothesay Life

CHAIR: Jonathan Clarke, Independent Trustee, RHM


The importance of having capable, diligent and committed Trustees is a key focus for the regulator. But is the move towards professionalization of all Trustees the right…

SPEAKER(S): Nita Tinn, Chair, APPT

Nigel Wildman, Board Member, AMNT

CHAIR: Melanie Cusack, Chair of Trustees, Macmillan Pension


RSM’s pension survey interviewed almost 200 industry experts across the UK, to gather key market insight into the quality of governance within the sector, and what the future looks like when considering new compliance codes. With the topics of governance and specifically, internal control firmly on the Pension Regulator’s radar, RSM’s ‘Mind the expectation gap’ delves into whether trustee boards are really investing in scheme governance, or if risk prevention is being seen as just a tick box exercise which is low down on a busy meeting agenda. Who does the buck stop with, and what can the sector expect to face in the year to come? Find out with our in-depth look.

SPEAKER(S):  Ian Bell, Head of Pensions, RSM UK

Gary Grewal , Partner, RSM UK

CHAIR: Max Graesser, Chair of Trustees, Ricoh Pension Scheme


We will discuss the latest legal updates including the increase in TPR’s powers and the impact on corporate behaviour, TPR’s views on governance and what the code might look like, the input required from DWP and HMRC…

SPEAKER: Ferdy Lovett, Partner, Sackers

Faith Dickson, Partner, Sackers

CHAIR: Daniel Barlow, Director, Law Debenture


PensionChair technical Partner Sackers will facilitate a virtual meeting for Chair of Trustees to discuss the leading priorities for schemes surrounding COVID-19.

SPEAKER(S): Ferdy Lovett, Partner, Sackers

Faith Dickson, Partner, Sackers

CHAIR: Daniel Barlow, Director, Law Debenture


One of the main priorities for Chair of Trustees during this testing time is the sponsor covenant, with a clear focus on the scheme capability to pay member contributions, wider volatility of funding positon and the scale of scheme reliance on the covenant. With technical partner Penfida facilitating the discussion, Chair of Trustees are invited to join us to hear from specialists on the key considerations around your sponsor covenant and share your own challenges.

SPEAKER(S): Paul Jameson, Managing Partner, Penfida

CHAIR: Carol Woodley, Chair of Trustees, 3I Group

End-Game is arguably the main objective for all schemes. But how can you decide on the right End-Game? We will analyse a variety of case studies and discuss the options available depending on…

SPEAKER(S): Chris Ramsey, Principal, Barnett Waddingham

Jack Sharman, Associate and Senior Consulting Actuary, Barnett Waddingham

CHAIR: Ruston Smith, Chair, Tesco Pension Investment


Sammy Cooper-Smith will give an update on what Rothesay Life are seeing in the de-risking market, with a focus on the below agenda:

1. Deal flow, what is making deals fall over, what is making transactions happen faster

2. Potential impact of current issues on longevity and reinsurance market

3. Asset side issues and opportunities

4. Longer term potential impacts

5. Any other areas of interest to members

SPfEAKER(S): Sammy Cooper-Smith, Head of Business Development, Rothesay Life

We all know that markets have been volatile and the funding levels for some schemes have dropped over recent weeks, but where do we go from here? Join Redington experts as they share insights.

SPEAKER(S): Pete Drewienkiewicz, Chief Investment Officer, Global Assets, Redington

Marian Elliott, Head of Integrated Consultancy, Redington

FACILITATOR: David Bennet, Executive Director, Redington

The prominence of ESG being an integral part of the pension agenda has led to schemes having to think in new ways to show profitable returns from their investment portfolios. How has the market moved on…

SPEAKER(S): Rachel Melsom, Director, UK & Europe, Tobacco Free Portfolios

Honor Fell, Vice President, Redington

CHAIR: David Rix, Chair of Trustees, BP Pension Trustees


The coronavirus has certainly created challenges for pension schemes and their Trustees. The combination of falling funding levels in addition to balance sheet pressure on the sponsoring employer has been the story of 2020 as we all try to navigate the lockdown. Conversations of sponsor contributions holidays, weakening covenants, derailed journey plans as well as opportunities from markets dislocation have been plentiful on video conference calls up and down the country – but what does this practically mean for you as Trustees?

SPEAKER(S): Arif Saad, Senior Investment Strategist, Kempen Capital Management

In recent weeks, markets have been hit by a triple shock of COVID-19, the break-up of OPEC+, and a liquidity event that resulted in a significant dislocation across asset classes and negatively impact pension scheme funding levels. This has created a repricing of fixed income assets to levels on a par with the global financial crisis, presenting a once-in-a-decade opportunity for fixed income investors…

SPEAKER(S): Philip Saunders, Co Head Multi Asset Growth, Ninety One

Jeff Boswell, Head of Developed Market Credit, Ninety One

Garland Hansmann, Portfolio Manager, Ninety One

Grant Webster, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Debt, Ninety One


Remote working and new challenges: Unfortunately in times of uncertainty cyber criminals will try to exploit vulnerability and confusion. With an increased number of people working from home we are seeing increases in cyber-crime, particularly utilising common social engineering techniques such as phishing, whaling and ransomware. The session will highlight some of the risks and challenges and provide practical guidance and advice on how to manage the risks during these challenging times – both in terms of protecting the more vulnerable members of your pension scheme who might be directly targeted and also in terms of the impact of changes to the IT environment from the perspective of the Scheme’s administration.

SPEAKER(S): Sheila Pancholi, Partner, Technology Risk Assurance


No two pension schemes are the same and each comes with its own challenges and priorities. With The Pensions Regulator requiring schemes to set prudent LTFT’s, how can those schemes…

SPEAKER(S): Danny Wilding, Partner, Barnett Waddingham

Chris Ramsey, Principal, Barnett Waddingham


The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a massive impact on defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, as well as business and employment generally.With the situation being fast-moving and constantly changing, trustees need to keep an eye on the ball when it comes to knowing what they can do to protect and reorient their schemes.

SPEAKER(S): Paul Houghton, Actuary, Partner and Head of Actuarial Consulting, Barnett Waddingham LLP

Barbara-Ann Thompson, Principal, Barnett Waddingham LLP


PensionChair welcomes TPR Executive Director for Regulatory Policy, Analysis & Advice David Fairs who will share with members an update on the industry, covering a variety of key areas for discussion and looking forward towards what schemes should be aware of and planning for as we begin to come out of lockdown

SPEAKER(S): David Fairs, Executive Director for Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice, The Pensions Regulator

CHAIR: Karen Heaven, Managing Director, RedingtonLEARN MORE >

To what extent should trustees expect tPR’s new powers and focus to support and improve their dialogue with sponsors, including specific measures to cover schemes’ covenant…


As the markets have begun to return to a less volatile state following the COVID-19 pandemic, schemes are starting to reassess their portfolios to analyse and understand where there are opportunities to maximise performance. With the funding code put on hold for an additional 3 months, now is a critical time for Trustees to take stock of the situation and prepare for what is next. In this session...

SPEAKER(S): Nikesh Patel, Head of Investment, Kempen

CHAIR: Chris Cheetham, Chair of Trustees, Mineworkers' Pension Scheme


The dynamics of scheme communication is changing rapidly. How can Trustees engage with their members when their is such diversity? How do we manage and analyse data effectively to…

SPEAKER(S): Julia Land, Board Adviser, Muse Advisory

Steve Powell, Head of Client Communications, XPS Administration

CHAIR: Carol Woodley, Chair of Trustees, 3i Group


Following on from the success of last year’s PensionChair remuneration survey, we are delighted to invite you to the official 2020 launch. Commentary will be provided on the report by Winmark and survey sponsor and technical partner Barnett Waddingham, providing a compare and contrast of the past 12 months. Attendees will hear analysis on sample data from this year’s survey, including areas such as scheme size, industry, gender and more. Please note, all those that completed the survey and attend this session will receive a copy of the report prior to full release.

SPEAKER(S): John Madden, Research Director, Winmark

Danny Wilding, Partner, Barnett Waddingham

CHAIR: Peter Routledge, Chair of Trustees, Willis Pension Scheme


A practical workshop sessions where members will be given a case study of a pension scheme and will be asked to detail their approach based on the details provided. This sessions gives schemes an opportunity to…

SPEAKER(S): Marian Elliot, Head of Integrated Consultancy, Redington

Arabella Slinger, Senior Partner, Penfida

CHAIR: Fraser Smart, CEO, BA Pensions


Employers and Trustees could be at risk of inadvertently breaching regulations if the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) is not fully understood in the context of calculating pension contributions. The rules are particularly complex in respect of salary sacrifice arrangements...

SPEAKER(S): Karen Tasker, Partner, RSM UK

Claire Carey, Partner, Sackers LLP

Louise Sivyer, Principal Policy Manager, The Pensions Regulator

Susan Ball, Employer Solutions Partner, RSM


The last six months have seen unprecedented change, necessitating an agile and collaborative approach to managing the sponsor covenant. Technical partner Penfida will present notable case studies that highlight issues as they have developed through the crisis and the things trustees need to look out for in the coming months. There will also be a wider discussion on the increasing importance of timely, well informed and open communication with your sponsor.

SPEAKER(S): Paul Jameson, Managing Partner, Penfida

Nick Badman, Partner, Penfida

Julian Goodwin, Partner, Penfida


In a growth-challenged world, decarbonisation remains a powerful structural growth trend, with COVID-19 creating opportunities and challenges for investors aiming to tap into it. With current market conditions remaining anything but business as usual, we will explore the risks and opportunities for climate aware investors, and discuss how a solution could be implemented at the portfolio level.

SPEAKER(S): Deirdre Cooper, Co-Head of Thematic Equity, NinetyOne

Atul Shinh, Investment Director, NinetyOne

Oliver Wayne, Senior Vice President, Redington


With schemes maturing, and increasing pressure from The Pensions Regulator, more trustees and sponsors are thinking about their own scheme’s journey toward the "endgame". But what endgame is right for your scheme?

SPEAKER(S): Chris Ramsey, Principal Consulting Actuary, Barnett Waddingham

Jack Sharman, Senior Consulting Actuary, Barnett Waddingham


61% of all private sector workplace pensions members are involved in DC schemes, with 90% of active members investing directly into DC schemes. So what does the future hold for the DC market? We will discuss...


High-Quality Administration at a suitable price is proving a huge challenge for pension schemes. Even more of a challenge is ensuring the quality of your Data allows you to achieve your objectives and can be…


We will hear from an industry leading speaker reviewing the last 12 months of the pensions market and what is in store for 2021. Previous speakers include David Willetts, Charles Counsell, David Fairs, Ros Altman & Lesley Titcomb. We will also enjoy a festive lunch to welcome in the Christmas Period and round off the year!

SPEAKERS: David Fairs, Executive Director for Regulatory Policy, Analysis & Advice, The Pensions Regulator (TPR)

Jo Gibson, Head of Defined Benefit Pensions, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)


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