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The UK Government has pledged to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The government do have extensive plans in place to reduce emissions but it is business that will need to lead the way...

SPEAKER(S): Julie Baddeley, Chair, Chapter Zero

Kevin Price, Chief Operating Officer, BAFTA

David Golding, Group Corporate Services Director, Go-Ahead Group

Neil Beresford, Partner, Clyde & Co

CHAIR: Cressida Pollock, Advisor, Systemiq & Former CEO, ENO


Diversity is a key priority, and in most cases, challenge, not only for business but society. In this session we will discuss how businesses are tackling this and the techniques they are using to ensure…

SPEAKER(S): Christopher Kenna, Brand Advance

CHAIR: Marisa Hall, Co-Head, Thinking Ahead Institute at Willis Towers Watson


Tone starts from the top and if the board operates in an ivory tower, it will never be able to support its employees effectively. In this session, we will look at the benefits of employee representation on the board, how they can add value...

SPEAKER(S): Elisabeth Stheeman, International Portfolio NED, Financial Services/Real Estate

Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Founding Partner, Fidelio Partners

CHAIR: Andrew Allner, Chairman, SIG plc


How can organisations successfully identify solutions to key challenges? Here, we discuss how the role of the NED is changing to become more strategic when analysing...

SPEAKER(S): Belden Menkus, Managing Director, Menkus & Associates

CHAIR: Wendy Barnes, NED, OCS, Scottish Energy Net, BMT Group


AI has improved significantly in recent years and is driving innovation and efficiencies across all types of business operations. As technology continues to open up new opportunities...

SPEAKER(S): Alison Lowndes, Artificial Intelligence DevRel, NVIDIA

Kate Scott, Partner, Clifford Chance


The FRC transition to ARGA has set out a clear and exciting new mandate. With new leadership in place, the stronger powers set down in law are aimed at allowing the regulator to work more effectively and…


As organisations look to grow, expanding their audience and consumer profile is a key focus. In this session, Members will hear from enterprises who have successfully moved into new territories...

SPEAKER(S): Giles Palmer, CEO, Brandwatch


Succession planning is an important factor in good governance and key to ensuring business continuity and growth. In this session, we will discuss how planning for mistakes is an important part...

SPEAKER(s): Alan Cook, Chairman, LV= Liverpool Victoria


When a crisis situation arises, it is vital that a company has some kind of plan in place so the issue can be dealt with appropriately...

SPEAKER(S): Alan Lovell, Chairman,Interserve


Does the amount you spend on Cyber Security reflect its importance to your organisation? And is there much point in investing huge sums of money if you don’t also...

SPEAKER(S): Steven Trippier, Group CISO, Anglian Water

CHAIR: Mike Haley, CEO, Cifas


The pace of change in public attitudes combined with rapid leaps in technology has given rise to an explosion of start-ups offering consumers new products and experiences in ways that have never been done before...

SPEAKER(S): Alex McCracken, Managing Director, Corporate Venture Relationships, Silicon Valley Bank


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