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IBM: The Cutting Edge of B2B Marketing

20 Jan 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
Growth, media & international
CMO, marketing, communications & sales

Alison will lead a discussion on the trends of cutting edge B2B marketing and how brands need to redesign their approach to digital. With 27 years at the company under her belt, she now heads up a large international team responsible for marketing strategy and delivery of IBM’s brand and reputation, as well as its sales pipeline development.
SPEAKER(S): Alison Orsi, Vice President Marketing, Communications & Citizenship, IBM
CHAIR: James Kelliher, Chief Executive Officer, Whiteoaks International

In conversation with Saj Arshad Chief Customer & Innovation Officer at Santander

12 Feb 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
CMO, marketing, communications & sales

Saj Arshad has over 20 years of global commercial marketing experience with senior roles in mobile, consumer and finance. A Board Member and Fellow of the Marketing Society and a Member of the Marketing Week Vision 100, He has a wealth of expertise in all aspects of marketing, digital and sales in B2C and B2B businesses including...
SPEAKER(S): Saj Arshad, Chief Customer & Innovation Officer, Santander UK
CHAIR: Chris Daly, Chief Executive Officer, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The challenges of marketing in high-growth companies

16 Mar 2021
Alignment, change & transformation
Innovation, operations & business models
CMO, marketing, communications & sales

Apex Group Ltd. is a global financial services provider founded in 2003. With 45 offices worldwide Apex delivers a range of services to asset managers, capital markets, private clients and family offices. Over the past 5 years the company has pursued an...
SPEAKER(S): Rosie Guest, Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Apex Group Ltd
CHAIR: Danny Davis, Partner, DD Consulting

Linkedin: B2B marketing trends for the next decade

26 Apr 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
CMO, marketing, communications & sales

Marketers always want to know, "what will change?". Let’s explore a more important question, "what won't change?". Why does ‘what won't change’ matter more? You can build a business on ideas that...
SPEAKER(S): Jennifer Shaw-Sweet, EMEA Lead, B2B Institute, LinkedIn
CHAIR: Ed FitzGerald, Director of Brand, Marketing & Sales, RPC

The Dangers of Data

20 May 2021
Tech, cyber, data & digital
CMO, marketing, communications & sales

In this session, Rory Sutherland, Vice President of Ogilvy will argue that many business leaders may be developing a disproportionate love of decisions that rely on mathematical formulas or models, because it means they can offload the burden of an...
SPEAKER(S): Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK
CHAIR: Annabel Venner, Chair of Fellows, Marketing Society and Former Global Brand Director, Hiscox

Know your Audience: The changing consumer landscape

24 Jun 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
Alignment, change & transformation
CEO & entrepreneurs
Presidents, chairs & non-executive directors
CMO, marketing, communications & sales

Throughout COVID-19 organisations have responded in various different ways to ensure they can to operate and deliver services to their customers. Despite the necessity of these changes, businesses have seen their customers’ requirements develop and...
SPEAKER(S): Zsolt Zaprel, CEO, IPG Mediabrands | Ben Page, Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos MORI
CHAIR: Juliet Slot, NED, British Olympic Association

Values, purpose and ESG in B2B marketing

13 Jul 2021
Purpose, values, strategy & culture
CMO, marketing, communications & sales

It is often said that consumers buy based on emotion and business buyers make decisions based on logic. But how true is this? Some studies suggest otherwise. Google, Gartner and Motista found that B2B buyers are more...
SPEAKER(S): Leeya Hendricks, Chief Marketing Officer, Delta Capita
CHAIR: James Kelliher, CEO, Whiteoaks International

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