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The psychology of leadership: motivation and resilience

19 Jan 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
CEO & entrepreneurs
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
CHRO, talent, learning & culture
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

For many, the world has become a much scarier place. This, combined with extended periods of home working, have led to well documented and widespread feelings of isolation and anxiety across workers at all levels. That's involved serious challenges around motivation and focus, collaboration with colleagues and productivity. Managers and leaders have, for some time now, been in the unenviable position of trying to...
SPEAKER(S): Jonathan Coppin, Psychotherapist, Moult Coppin Limited | Géza Palocsay, CEO, Adevinta Hungary
CHAIR: Stephen Pierce, Deputy Managing Director & Chief HR Officer, Hitachi Europe

Managing crises and supply chains: a Total SE case study

26 Feb 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
COO, climate, sustainability, supply & procurement

Total SE is a French multinational energy company founded in 1924 and one of the seven "Supermajor" oil companies in the world. It is present in over 130 countries and its businesses cover the entire oil and gas chain, from exploration and production, transportation, refining and trading. As part of its ambition to get to...
SPEAKER(S): Rowan McBrien, Vice President Legal, Europe & Central Asia, Total Exploration and Production
CHAIR: Alissa Foale, Chief Legal Officer, Brewin Dolphin Ltd

Tech Governance & Risk

09 Mar 2021
Tech, cyber, data & digital
Boards, governance & stakeholders
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
CIO, information security, digital & data

Technology and data is now at the heart of most organisations and the governance, risk and compliance challenges its presents are material. It is no longer sufficient to treat technology as a distinct function of a business, to be treated in isolation. As it is vital to almost every business function, board and C-Suite members must be not only...
SPEAKER(S): Alexia Maas, SVP General Counsel, Volvo Financial Services | Christian Fahey, VP Legal Affairs, Inmarsat
CHAIR: Michael Harte, former Chief Operating Officer, Barclays plc and Santander UK

Re-imagining legal operations: A KPMG workshop

17 Mar 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance

With changing expectations from colleagues and business partners, budgets pressures and the impact of new technology, traditional legal operations models are in danger of becoming obsolete. In this design thinking workshop, experts will guide you to reevaluate your...
SPEAKER(S): Nicola Brooks, Director, Head of Legal Operations Transformation Services, KPMG

Facilitating commercial decision-making

23 Apr 2021
Purpose, values, strategy & culture
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance

Historically, in-house legal teams were viewed by many commercial colleagues as merely an admin or back office function. Thankfully, that view is now changing. Still, in many businesses, In-House Counsel are seen as ‘the department of No’, stifling growth, creativity and blocking progress. Overcoming these negative perceptions is crucial if...
SPEAKER(S): Dr Ákos Fekti, Country Legal Manager, Tesco | Zuzana Blazkova, Associate General Counsel, Kambi
CHAIR: Jeremy Mavor, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and General Counsel, Arqiva

Diversity and Inclusion: Working Collaboratively Across The C-Suite

27 Apr 2021
Purpose, values, strategy & culture
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
CHRO, talent, learning & culture

Diversity and Inclusion is now firmly back on the corporate agenda. It is being incorporated into branding narratives, key strategic objectives and departmental KPI’s. Whilst the moral case for D&I is well understood, many organisations have yet to reap the rewards of being a truly inclusive employer. So, how do we...
SPEAKER(S): Rachel Jacobs, Group General Counsel & DEI Champion, Springer Nature Limited | Veronica Van Der Hoeven, Managing Director, People Strategy, MUFG Investor Services | Loraine Martins OBE, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Human Resources, Network Rail
CHAIR: Frank Douglas, CEO, Caerus Executive

Managing relations with the board and C-Suite

19 May 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance

CLOs have a key role in promoting trust and confidence within the C-Suite. Transparency, accountability and clear and honest communication are vital to achieving this. In this session, we explore how the CLO can make an effective contribution to C-suite and board effectiveness...
SPEAKER(S): Tim Greenwell, Chief Legal & Risk Officer, Southampton Football Club | Maaike de Bie, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, easyJet
CHAIR: Lucy Beaumont, General Counsel, Unilever UK Limited

Making Digital Legal Transformation Happen

16 Jun 2021
Tech, cyber, data & digital
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance

In this session, our speakers share some ideas about how to begin and sustain a legal department’s digital transformation: what it means, how to prepare, key elements to consider, and important steps to take as you progress. Please note that this is a provisional date and it is subject to change.
SPEAKER(S): Chris Fowler, General Counsel Technology, BT | Jonathan Pedersen, Board Member of Directors Strategy Council, Digital Legal Exchange
CHAIR: Sean Thomas, Group General Counsel, AlphaSights

Intentional Integrity with Rob Chesnut, former GC, Airbnb

07 Jul 2021
Purpose, values, strategy & culture
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance

ormer General Counsel of Airbnb, Robert Chesnut is convinced that companies that do not think seriously about– integrity – a crucial element of corporate culture, are destined to fail. This thought-provoking, interactive experience will..
SPEAKER(S): Rob Chesnut, Former Chief Ethics Officer & General Counsel, Airbnb
CHAIR: Vincent Pringiers, General Counsel, Maxion Wheels

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