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The power of integrated business planning

08 Oct 2020
Business partnering & resourcing
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

Integrated business planning (IBP) involves dynamic forecasting while connecting strategy, finance and operations. In doing so, it helps businesses be responsive to change and agile in resource allocation. The approach can help any business leverage its people and assets to meet changing levels of demand. The benefits of IBP are particularly relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic when long-term planning is so challenging.
SPEAKER(S): James Davenport, Chief Operating Officer, Innocent Drinks

Tax administration – documentation, legal entities and the ‘other stuff’ of tax

15 Oct 2020
Tech, cyber, data & digital
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

Among the many and varied responsibilities of Tax Directors are wider administrative requirements such as legal entity reduction or document-retention. These may constitute basic housekeeping, but, managed well, they will support the more attention-grabbing deliverables of the team. Conversely there may be risks to neglecting them. What are the non-core activities that Tax needs to manage and what are the...
SPEAKER(S): Adam Eagers, Group Tax Director, AS Watson Group
CHAIR: Grace Stevens, Chief Tax Officer, Legal & General Group Plc

Financial transactions transfer pricing – how is best practice evolving

03 Nov 2020
Tech, cyber, data & digital
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

The OECD released the Transfer Pricing Guidelines on Financial Transactions (TPG-FT) in February 2020.  The detailed guidance applies the Arm’s Length Principle to intragroup financial transactions such as capital structure (debt:equity mix), intercompany loans, cash pooling and captive insurance.
SPEAKER(S): Glenn Price, Deputy Group Head of Tax, Vodafone
CHAIR: Steve Labrum, Principal Tax Advisor, Baker McKenzie

Where is Tax Transparency Going

24 Nov 2020
Tech, cyber, data & digital
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

What constitutes evidence that firms are living and breathing their tax strategies in practice to Internal Audit and HRMC etc? How can you best ensure that documentation across the business is aligned? What is the future of published tax strategies? With transparency a core component of corporations' management of tax affairs what other voluntary and mandatory transparency initiatives should Heads of...
SPEAKER(S): Michael Ludlow, Group Head of Tax, Swiss Re

CFO and the board

08 Dec 2020
Boards, governance & stakeholders
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

What do boards expect from effective FDs beyond core finance skills? How do you find your voice as a CFO?
SPEAKER(S): Bernie Waldron, NED, Questionmark, Edgescan, CPOMS, Ridgewall | Ian Dilks, NED, Royal London, L&F Indemnity, NHS Resolution
CHAIR: Debo Harris Chartered Accountant, Founder & CEO, the Confidence Vault, NED & Charity Trustee

The psychology of leadership: motivation and resilience

19 Jan 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
CEO & entrepreneurs
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
CHRO, talent, learning & culture
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

For many, the world has become a much scarier place. This, combined with extended periods of home working, have led to well documented and widespread feelings of isolation and anxiety across workers at all levels. That's involved serious challenges around motivation and focus, collaboration with colleagues and productivity.
SPEAKER(S): Jonathan Coppin, Psychoanalyst, Moult Coppin Limited | Géza Palocsay, CEO, Adevinta Hungary
CHAIR: Stephen Pierce, Deputy Managing Director & Chief HR Officer, Hitachi Europe

Building and developing the Tax team – how are the challenges evolving?

02 Feb 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

How can we build effective teams with a balance of skills and diverse thinking? With the Big 4 scaling down graduate training, the traditional recruitment pipeline offers less potential than in the past. Where else can Heads of Tax look to recruit talent or...
SPEAKER(S): Sarah Fahy, Former Vice President, Global Tax Office Europe, Sony | Adam Eagers, Group Tax Director Europe, AS Watson

The Tax function challenges of global mobility in 2021

23 Feb 2021
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

The Covid crisis has led to a different scale of tax management challenge relating to internationally mobile workforces than in the past. During the lockdowns of 2020, many international groups saw the rapid increase in the number of employees working in locations outside the jurisdiction of their employer. It is a phenomenon which is evolving, but there will...
SPEAKER(S): Darren Tish, Head of Tax Compliance, M&G plc

Sustainability: ESG & responsible reward

22 Apr 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Climate, sustainability & society
Presidents, chairs & non-executive directors
CEO & entrepreneurs
CFO, finance, tax & treasury

In this session we will explore sustainability initiatives and practical examples of what businesses are doing to enhance their ESG focus. As pressure mounts on the work organisations must do to play their part in such an important global theme, we will hear about some of the ways boards are...
SPEAKER(S): Nick Lakin, Group Director of Corporate Affairs, Kingfisher | Caroline Laurie, Head of Sustainability, Kingfisher

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