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Millennials in the workplace

09 Oct 2020
People, leadership, performance & diversity
Innovation, operations & business models
Affordable & social housing

Arguably, millennials are the best-educated generation ever. They are the first truly globalised generation of workers and these digital natives can bring efficiency, creative problem-solving and innovation to the workplace. Millennials though, differ from previous generations in having higher expectations from their employers...
SPEAKER(S): Tim Smith, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, White Hat | Shauna Hutchinson, 24 Housing, Young Leader of the Year 2019
CHAIR:  Ria Bailes, Group Director of People & Change, One Housing

What can you expect from the SHPS valuation?

06 Nov 2020
Affordable & social housing

The next actuarial valuation of the Social Housing Pension Scheme (SHPS) is due as at 30 September 2020.  The 2017 valuation had a significant impact on the sector. In this interactive webinar we will discuss what we expect the results to be and how this might affect housing associations and the contributions they pay to SHPS.   
SPEAKER(S): Mike Richardson, Partner, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP | Tim Gilbert, Senior Consultant, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP
CHAIR: Richard Soldan, Partner, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP

Crisis Management – Managing the unmanageable

13 Nov 2020
Risk, ethics & geopolitics
Growth, media & international
Affordable & social housing

When responding to a crisis, being proactive rather than reactive goes a long way. Having a crisis management plan is a start but Black Swan events, are by their very nature, impossible to predict.
As a (social media) crisis unfolds and gathers speed in real-time, how can it be managed and contained?
SPEAKER(S): Kate Jeffreys, Director of Communications, Notting Hill Genesis | Donald Steel, Former Communication Adviser, BBC
CHAIR: David Orr, Chair Clarion Housing Association

A Date with the Regulator of Social Housing

03 Dec 2020
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Affordable & social housing

One of our most popular roundtables in the calendar, please join the Affordable Housing Network and a senior representative from the Regulator of Social Housing for a Q&A session.
SPEAKER(S): Jonathan Walters, Deputy Chief Executive Regulator of Social Housing
CHAIR: Debo Harris, CEO of The Confidence Vault, Southern Housing Group

Beyond the New Normal – Redefining the Workplace

11 Jan 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Innovation, operations & business models
Affordable & social housing

With more than a third of full-time employees now working from home at least one day a week, what are the learning points we need to assimilate to ensure the redefined workplace works for the individual but also the organisation? Also, what are some of the implications or...
SPEAKER(S): Rachel Credidio, Group People & Transformation Director, Aster Group | Julie Moore, Tax Director, RSM UK Management Limited | Eugene Wojciechowski, Partner, Penningtons Manches
CHAIR: Allison Kloppenborg, Head of HR, Sovereign Housing Association

OrbitEarth: Tackling Climate Change

22 Jan 2021
Climate, sustainability & society
Affordable & social housing

UK social landlords and housing associations have a fundamental role to play in reducing the environmental impact that arises from building homes, as well as maintaining them. Orbit will talk us through their environmental policy & framework, ecological...
SPEAKER(S): Sam Scharf, Director of Community Investment, Orbit Group | Craig Wilcockson, Group People Director, Orbit Group
CHAIR: Vicky Askey, Head of Business Transformation, Longhurst Group

Change: We’ve seen it all before

11 Feb 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
Alignment, change & transformation
Affordable & social housing

Technology is leading to innovations in customer experience but it that leading to better engagement with clients and improved outcomes?
SPEAKER(S): David Ripley, Executive Director of Customer Services, Thirteen Housing Group
CHAIR: Jane Porter, Chief Operating Officer, Optivo

More than a seat at the table: breaking through the concrete ceiling

10 Mar 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
Affordable & social housing

Developing a diverse workforce team isn’t just a nice thing to do anymore. It’s an essential part of the business which will help ensure longevity in a time of rapid change. Despite attempts by the sector to improve diversity and...
SPEAKER(S): Asif Sadiq MBE, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, The Telegraph | Althea Efunshile, NED, Metropolitan Thames Valley

Investing in the New Normal

20 Apr 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Innovation, operations & business models
Affordable & social housing

he Affordable Housing Sector is undergoing the biggest shake up in a generation which is causing Housing Associations to review business models, revenue-generating activities, development, cost efficiencies, etc – while maintaining their core purpose. Covid-19 has sent the UK economy into a nosedive, weak...
SPEAKER(S): Waqar Ahmed, Group Finance Director, L&Q Group

Creating Safe Environments & Improving Behaviours

12 May 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
Affordable & social housing

The pandemic has driven people indoors and changed the way social landlords work and engage with communities, as well as increasing pressures in those communities. The sector has seen a huge spike of anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases in the past few months as tensions build within the...
SPEAKER(S): Chris Grose, Head of Housing Advisory Services, Capsticks Solicitors

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