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Beyond the New Normal – Redefining the Workplace

11 Jan 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Innovation, operations & business models
Affordable & social housing

With more than a third of full-time employees now working from home at least one day a week, what are the learning points we need to assimilate to ensure the redefined workplace works for the individual but also the organisation? Also, what are some of the implications or...
SPEAKER(S): Rachel Credidio, Group People & Transformation Director, Aster Group | Julie Moore, Tax Director, RSM UK Management Limited | Eugene Wojciechowski, Partner, Penningtons Manches
CHAIR: Allison Kloppenborg, Head of HR, Sovereign Housing Association

OrbitEarth: Tackling Climate Change

22 Jan 2021
Climate, sustainability & society
Affordable & social housing

UK social landlords and housing associations have a fundamental role to play in reducing the environmental impact that arises from building homes, as well as maintaining them. Orbit will talk us through their environmental policy & framework, ecological...
SPEAKER(S): Sam Scharf, Director of Community Investment, Orbit Group | Craig Wilcockson, Group People Director, Orbit Group
CHAIR: Vicky Askey, Director of Change and Improvement, Longhurst Group

​​​​​​​Putting Digital Innovation at the Heart of Housing Industry

11 Feb 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
Alignment, change & transformation
Affordable & social housing

Technology is leading to innovations in customer experience but it that leading to better engagement with clients and improved outcomes?
SPEAKER(S): David Ripley, Executive Director of Customer Services, Thirteen Housing Group
CHAIR: Jane Porter, Chief Operating Officer, Optivo

More than a seat at the table: breaking through the concrete ceiling

10 Mar 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
Affordable & social housing

Developing a diverse workforce team isn’t just a nice thing to do anymore. It’s an essential part of the business which will help ensure longevity in a time of rapid change. Despite attempts by the sector to improve diversity and...
SPEAKER(S): Mushtaq Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Housing Diversity Network | Althea Efunshile, Chair, Metropolitan Thames Valley
CHAIR: Elizabeth Froude, CEO, Platform Housing Group

Improving accessibility & creating inclusive communities

26 Mar 2021
Purpose, values, strategy & culture
People, leadership, performance & diversity
Affordable & social housing

The social housing sector takes pride in providing care for their communities and the White Paper stands as a testament to the importance of building more suitable and inclusive homes. Now, more than ever, the coronavirus crisis has highlighted the vital work that carers do. It has also shown that, as a society, we need to...
SPEAKER(S): Julie Doyle, CEO, Longhurst Group | Nic Bungay, Director of Strategy and External Affairs, Habinteg
CHAIR: Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility, Atos Group

Pensions: What to Expect in 2021

13 Apr 2021
Alignment, change & transformation
Affordable & social housing

The introduction of the Pension Schemes Act in 2021 is expected to lead to some of the most significant changes to the defined benefit pension regime in over a decade. Alongside this, the recent market volatility as a result of the...
SPEAKER(S): Luke Hothersall, Partner, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP) | Mike Richardson, Partner, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP) | Alexandra Stork, Consultant, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP)
CHAIR: Richard Soldan, Partner, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP)

Investing in the New Normal

20 Apr 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Innovation, operations & business models
Affordable & social housing

The Affordable Housing Sector is undergoing the biggest shake up in a generation which is causing Housing Associations to review business models, revenue-generating activities, development, cost efficiencies, etc – while maintaining their core purpose. Covid-19 has sent the UK economy into a nosedive, weak...
SPEAKER(S): Waqar Ahmed, Group Finance Director, L&Q Group | Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Housing and Planning Policy, The National Federation of Builders
CHAIR: Simon Harden, Chair, Swan Housing Association

Creating Safe Environments & Improving Behaviours

12 May 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
Affordable & social housing

The pandemic has driven people indoors and changed the way social landlords work and engage with communities, as well as increasing pressures in those communities. The sector has seen a huge spike of anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases in the past few months as tensions...
SPEAKER(S): Chris Grose, Head of Housing Advisory Services, Capsticks Solicitors | Karen Ransted, Anti-Social Behaviour Service Manager, Aster Group
CHAIR: Janine Green, Award Winning Specialist in Community Safety & Anti-social Behaviour

Resilience, Agility & Building Stronger Defences Against Cyber-Attacks

11 Jun 2021
Tech, cyber, data & digital
Affordable & social housing
CIO, information security, digital & data

With complicated IT environments and a complex cyber threat landscape, becoming a cyber resilient organisation and delivering the services your organisation needs, can feel like an unattainable goal. We want robust IT systems and services to support the organisation but it can be difficult to feel it is secure and reliable. We need to manage...
SPEAKER(S): Paul Davies, CISO, Harrods | Andrew Beckett, Managing Director EMEA Cyber Risk, Kroll
CHAIR: Mark Brown, Managing Director, Cyber Security & Information Resilience, Consulting Services, BSI

Tackling Inequality to Unlock Talent

15 Jun 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
CEO & entrepreneurs
CHRO, talent, learning & culture
Affordable & social housing
Presidents, chairs & non-executive directors

What can employers do to improve access to their best jobs and opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? We will hear how you can improve social mobility on every level of your organisation and build a diverse pipeline of talent by reaching and supporting young people facing barriers to employment.
SPEAKER(S): Rosie Ferguson, CEO, House of St Barnabas | Steph Ahrens, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
CHAIR: Fiona Kempster, Early Talent Expert, Multiverse

Grenfell Tower: 4 Years On

20 Jul 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Affordable & social housing

Following the tragic incident at Grenfell Tower, we must learn, reflect, and do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again. This session will recap on the current position in relation to various current inquiries, advise members on what they should be doing to...
SPEAKER(S): Dame Judith Hackitt, Chair, Industry Safety Group
CHAIR: Elizabeth Froude, CEO, Platform Housing Group

End of the Year Drinks: Date with the Regulator of Social Housing

02 Dec 2021
Boards, governance & stakeholders
Affordable & social housing

Please join us at the Affordable Housing Network at our end of year reception. This will be a chance to get together and network with colleagues and hear insights from a keynote speaker.
SPEAKER(S): Jonathan Walters, Deputy Chief Executive, Regulator of Social Housing
CHAIR: Elizabeth Froude, Group Chief Executive, Platform Housing Group

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