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Taking the next step to GC level

19 Oct 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance

What are the skills and knowledge that you need to develop to ensure you are on the right path to becoming general counsel? How do you get on the radar of the right people? At this session, we hear from a panel of...
SPEAKER(S): Tim Greenwell, Chief Legal & Risk Officer, Southampton FC | Sarah Kelly, Partner, The Panel | Orla Joyce, Head of Legal, Heineken Limited | Eleanor Daly, General Counsel, FEXCO Group
CHAIR: Martin Nolan, Associate General Counsel, Skyscanner

Sustainability Summit: The Uninhabitable Earth

21 Oct 2021
Climate, sustainability & society
COO, climate, sustainability, supply & procurement
Presidents, chairs & non-executive directors
CEO & entrepreneurs
CFO, finance, tax & treasury
CHRO, talent, learning & culture
CIO, information security, digital & data
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
CMO, marketing, communications & sales
Affordable & social housing

Author David Wallace-Wells's assessment of the speed and severity of global warming is shocking – but you need to hear it. It’s far worse than you think, it’s happening much faster than you...
SPEAKER(S): David Wallace-Wells, Author, The Uninhabitable Earth & Deputy Editor New York Magazine | Dame Jo da Silva, Global Director of Sustainable Development, Arup
CHAIR: Nazneen Rahman CBE, Non-Executive Director responsible for Sustainability matters, AstraZeneca

AI in legal and compliance

04 Nov 2021
Innovation, operations & business models
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance

As the use of Artificial Intelligence becomes more widespread, it is inevitable that in-house Legal teams of all sizes, will start to use AI platforms to automate certain high volume tasks from contract reviews to regulation and compliance duties. In response to the proliferation of...
SPEAKER(S): Peter Sukosd, Head of Legal, Compliance and Public Affairs, METRO Cash & Carry | Barry Scannell, Director of Legal Affairs & Regulatory Compliance, Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO)
CHAIR: Paul Jackson, Chair of Oxford Brookes AI & Data Analysis Network

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