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Translating technology: bridging the gap between IT experts and the business

07 Oct 2021
Tech, cyber, data & digital
CEO & entrepreneurs
CIO, information security, digital & data
Presidents, chairs & non-executive directors

The scale, complexity and speed of change in the world of data and technology means there is often a disconnect between internal data experts and commercial teams and customers. All businesses require ‘data and tech translators’ who can not only understand how to...
SPEAKER(S): Andrew Marks, Chief Information Officer, Paragon Group | Aruj Haider, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Westminster City Council | Tim Moody, Head of Application and Multi Cloud, Fujitsu
CHAIR: Lisa Barrett, Vice President, Learning, Innovation and Operations, Multiverse

Sustainability Summit: The Uninhabitable Earth

21 Oct 2021
Climate, sustainability & society
COO, climate, sustainability, supply & procurement
Presidents, chairs & non-executive directors
CEO & entrepreneurs
CFO, finance, tax & treasury
CHRO, talent, learning & culture
CIO, information security, digital & data
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
CMO, marketing, communications & sales
Affordable & social housing

Author David Wallace-Wells's assessment of the speed and severity of global warming is shocking – but you need to hear it. It’s far worse than you think, it’s happening much faster than you...
SPEAKER(S): David Wallace-Wells, Author, The Uninhabitable Earth & Deputy Editor New York Magazine | Dame Jo da Silva, Global Director of Sustainable Development, Arup
CHAIR: Nazneen Rahman CBE, Non-Executive Director responsible for Sustainability matters, AstraZeneca

Chief AI Officer: First 100 Days at WPP

09 Nov 2021
Tech, cyber, data & digital
CIO, information security, digital & data

Daniel, the newly appointed Chief AI Officer at WPP, will share how he approached the enormity of the role, and what new CAIOs should focus on in the first 100 days in office.
SPEAKER(S): Daniel Hulme, Chief AI Officer, WPP

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