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HR beyond the C-Suite: Strategy, leadership and the board

20 Oct 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
CHRO, talent, learning & culture

Peter Drucker once famously said ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Despite this, less than 18% of the world’s companies take into account the true reality of their corporate culture before implementing a strategic change process. As every HR leader knows, it doesn’t matter if...
SPEAKER(S): Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance & Leadership, Henley Business School
CHAIR: Haidée Klein, Head of HR – Europe, GLP

Sustainability Summit: The Uninhabitable Earth

21 Oct 2021
Climate, sustainability & society
COO, climate, sustainability, supply & procurement
Presidents, chairs & non-executive directors
CEO & entrepreneurs
CFO, finance, tax & treasury
CHRO, talent, learning & culture
CIO, information security, digital & data
CLO, ethics, risk, legal & compliance
CMO, marketing, communications & sales
Affordable & social housing

Author David Wallace-Wells's assessment of the speed and severity of global warming is shocking – but you need to hear it. It’s far worse than you think, it’s happening much faster than you...
SPEAKER(S): David Wallace-Wells, Author, The Uninhabitable Earth & Deputy Editor New York Magazine | Dame Jo da Silva, Global Director of Sustainable Development, Arup
CHAIR: Nazneen Rahman CBE, Non-Executive Director responsible for Sustainability matters, AstraZeneca

Wellbeing in the workplace – supporting your employees

15 Nov 2021
People, leadership, performance & diversity
CHRO, talent, learning & culture

Employee mental health and wellbeing has been a key focus for HR professionals over the past 18 months. Whilst most companies have embedded some processes to monitor and improve employee well-being, some measures remain...
SPEAKER(S): Gary Knight, Strategic Resource Planning Director, BSI Group | Kate Field, Global Head Health, Safety and Well-being, BSI Group

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