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Chief Information Officer priorities 2021 and Beyond

The C-Suite: 2021 and Beyond

What’s changed for CIOs?

Chief Information Officers and Chief Digital Officers have, of course, been at the forefront of COVID’s acceleration of digitisation, from online customer service to remote working to supply-chain reinvention to the use of AI and machine learning to improve operations.

The pressure to be agile, resilient, reduce transaction friction and reduce costs will persist. In addition CIOs will now have to face the challenge of a post-COVID world where organisations will be more dispersed and less monolithic, with digital assets and enterprise systems becoming the building blocks of agile organisations who are able to ‘operate anywhere’ no matter how challenging the circumstances.

CIO Mega Themes

Innovation & Ecosystems

Digital transformations and agile practices continue to increase the rates of innovation. CIOs have had to grow their antennae across broader ecosystems to stay current and need to continue to experiment, with the adage ‘Fail Fast, Fail Often’

Digital CX

CIOs will need to ensure a true, intelligent and integrated, digital experience for customers, supported by real time reporting and tailoring of services. IT will be required to penetrate deep into the supply chain to provide data and analytics that allow greater customer trust of the broader impact of commercial activities.

Focus & Flexibility

CIOs need to maintain and build flexible systems with a relentless focus to avoid sprawl and waste. The strong focus on technology is permanent, and CIOs will lead on the enterprise wide orchestration.

Leadership & People

The role of CIO and technology will remain centre stage and CIOs should utilise this opportunity to broaden their influence, knowledge and experience. There is a significant opportunity for tech to play a role in the move to outcome-focused jobs among remote workers.

Cyber & Cloud

New ways of working, remote working and the move to the cloud have all created legitimate concerns about cyber security that CIOs and CISOs need to stay on top of. Fragmented regulations around cloud have added to this complexity.
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“Post COVID, the CIO role has become more influential in the organisations of today. A focus on purpose, harnessing technology in service of the business strategy and championing digitisation are all significant opportunities.

Remote working has reinforced the central focus on people and opened up a world of enabling outcome-focused jobs with improved work-life flexibility. Equally the focus on operational resilience remains key as trusted organisations are those centering on customer and client relationships.

A pivotal year! ”

Dax Grant, CIO – Global Operations Technology, HSBC

Dax Grant, CIO – Global Operations Technology, HSBC

CIO challenges & opportunities 2021

As Chief Information/Digital Officers lead their teams through 2021 and beyond, what are the key challenges they must confront and what opportunities can they exploit?
  1. Digital transformation: particularly securing sustainable funding

  2. Bringing fresh talent, diversity, inclusion and agility to the team

  3. Creating and driving a culture of innovation

  4. Enterprise risk management: setting and managing the risk appetite

  5. Managing relations with the CEO, Board & stakeholders

  6. Organisational resilience and business continuity

YCH Group, Y3 Technologies

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has further hastened the pace of digital transformation in organisations and governments across the globe. It has never been more exciting for the CIOs & Technology Leaders who are leading the digital transformation journey.

In 2021 and moving forward, the role of CIO and Technology will continue to take centre stage and gradually morph into larger and key leadership roles in the senior management team.”

Jeffrey Tan, Head, Group Corporate Development & Group Technology, YCH Group & CEO, Y3 Technologies

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