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Andrew Bloch, Founder of FRANK will share his experience of creating insight-led campaigns that generate a buzz, kick-start a reaction and…

SPEAKER(S): Andrew Bloch, Founder and Managing Partner, FRANK

CHAIR: Rhodri Jones, Head of Content, Investec


Recent studies show that brands and organisations that have a well-defined social purpose, outperform those that don’t. Malcolm Fried will share…

SPEAKER(S): Malcolm Fried, Chief Marketing Officer, Investec

CHAIR: David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance


The media tells us our world has changed, fundamentally and forever. Rubbish! Join us to look at key areas where marketing functions will bounce back in the coming months and years.

SPEAKER(S): Paul Fletcher, Head of Marketing, Coutts

Kate Mackie, Global Marketing Director, EY

Alisa Copeman, Managing Director, Marketing, Barclays Payments

Antonia Wade, Chief Marketing Officer, Capita

CHAIR:Andy Sellers, Co-founder, 3Search


In recent years, the proliferation of technology and connected devices has given rise to an explosion in data. In this joint CMO/CFO meeting, we will discuss the new and innovative ways organisations are using data in order to underpin key commercial decisions, drive strategy, predict future trends and produce actionable customer insights.

In this virtual roundtable discussion we will hear how marketing teams can leverage their data more and how skills and experience from finance colleagues can be used to great effect. We also explore how better data analysis allows for more targeted marketing initiatives and better measurement of ROI for marketing initiatives. Data analytics is also a good opportunity for Finance to improve forecasting, but to what extent can/should Finance be involved in demand analysis? And how can responsibilities be defined and agreed between Finance and Marketing to overcome traditional tensions in this area and ensure opportunities are maximised?

SPEAKER(S): Adam Shay, Global marketing Director - Resource Solutions, Robert Walters PLC

CHAIR: Mike Aspinall, Chief Financial Officer, Exonar


Studies in behavioural science and neuroscience tell us that major societal upheavals cause significant changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour. For CMO’s, the marketing strategies that have worked pre-COVID may not work now and into the future. Understanding the differences in your customers attitudes, preferences and motivations will be essential for business success. Fail to do this and you are likely to struggle to accelerate out of the COVID hiatus...

SPEAKER(S): Andy Brent, former CMO of Boots, Barclays and Sky and founder of Think Again Growth


GSMA is an association that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting more than 750 operators and nearly 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem.In this session, Stephanie will provide valuable insight on how the marketing function had to adapt, modernise and innovate but the wider strategic and leadership challenges faced by GSMA and how they are future proofing the organisation and reinventing MWC…

SPEAKER(S): Stephanie Lynch-Habib, CMO, GSMA


As leaders, how do you build and maintain an organisation that not only prioritises customer experience and loyalty but embeds a customer-oriented philosophy across every department?

During this discussion we not only look at the triggers, tools and strategies that organisations have used to successfully improve customer satisfaction, but examine the core values and culture that a business requires in order to become a truly customer centric company.

SPEAKER(S): Paul Pugal, MD Customer Experience UK & Ireland, FedEx

Phillida Irving, Customer Strategy Manager, Industrial Power Systems Division, Caterpillar Inc.

CHAIR: Rob Newness-Smith, CTO, Digital, Employees & Partners, Thomson Reuters


A well managed digital transformation can dramatically shift a company’s culture to become more customer focused, purpose driven, transparent and willing to experiment. However, failure to align innovation with employee and customer values and behaviours can create additional risks if not managed properly.

SPEAKER(S): Lisa Beeching, Head of Supplier Management and Quality Assurance, (Former Head of Operations), First Central Insurance

Robert Zampetti, Digital HR Transformation and Workforce Experience, EY


As another year and programme comes to an end, we would like to invite our members to raise a glass and join us at our end of year Christmas drinks with a special guest speaker.

SPEAKER(S): Steve Edge, Prophet, Madman, Wanderer, Edge Design



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