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Andrew takes a pragmatic and hype-free approach to explain artificial intelligence and how it can be utilised by businesses today. Andrew will introduce his AI Framework…

SPEAKER(S): Andrew Burgess, CEO, Greenhouse Intelligence

Adrian Odds, Director of Strategy & Market Propositions, Communisis

CHAIR: Shereen Daniels, Managing Director of HR Rewired, Member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for AI (APPG AI)


An effective board should not necessarily be a comfortable place. With challenge and confrontation comes disagreement and the potential for disruption. Simply avoiding politics often isn’t an option for CXOs, so developing the skills to effectively navigate them, is essential. James Robbins, CIO of Parcelforce...

SPEAKER(S): James Robbins, Chief Information Officer, Parcelforce Worldwide

Sandy Cotter, Director, Centaur Leadership Ltd

CHAIR: Patrick Dunne, Chairman, Boardelta


Digital has the power to change entire business models. Effective applications of Blockchain and artificial intelligence could revolutionise time consuming and complex processes and deliver significant competitive advantage. In order to position themselves as core to any strategy development, they must be seen by the top team as a business leader, not just the head of IT. This session looks at the examples...

SPEAKER(S): Mark Foulsham, Chief Operating Officer, Kensington Mortgages

CHAIR: Paul Wishman, Vice President, Insurance, CGI


To paraphrase Thomas Edison, innovation is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. Generating new ideas and solutions for complex problems is often the easy part, but how do you turn those ideas into value more quickly and how do you get the right people in place and support them throughout the process? In this session, we highlight...

SPEAKER(S): Nigel Watson, Chief Information Officer, Nortumbrian Water Group

CHAIR: Andrew Marks, Chief Information Officer, Paragon Group


Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization. Joff Sharpe, author of ‘Who Dares Wins in Business’, will discuss his experience and challenges in creating a new company within an existing big PLC...

SPEAKER(S): Joff Sharpe, Senior Adviser, Inventure, (previously COO at British Land)

CHAIR: Clare James, Director Operational Excellence, Manchester Airports Group


In this meeting Anthony Bargar and Barbara Dossetter will set the scene by providing a global economic view and drill down by the current challenges of organisations due to the global pandemic and increased cyber threat landscape.

In response to the pandemic, most businesses were quick to improve their cyber security, but is it enough? In this virtual roundtable event we look at the current cyber threat landscape and the challenges that organisations face due to increased cyber criminal activity. Our speakers will discuss what precautions need to be in place now and provide insights to further improve your business continuity plans. We also look ahead to the Cyber implications of a second wave and what countermeasures can be taken to reduce the key risks.

SPEAKER(S): Anthony Bargar, Former Deputy CISO, US Department of Defense

Barbara Dossetter, Managing Director, Advisory Services, CIO Connect - Singapore

CHAIR: Emma Burrows, Managing Director - Operations, CIO Connect - Singapore


The digital battleground has shifted from nation-states to corporations. With cybercrime projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, and with attacks causing damage in seconds, it’s critical that security technology can fight back. We know it’s not enough to merely rely on rules based, predefined playbooks to secure our digital and organisational assets...

SPEAKER(S): Cy Glaister, Head of Cyber Security, Drax Group Plc

Eleanor Weaver, Division Director, Darktrace Industrial

CHAIR: Jitender Arora, Chief Information Security Officer, Deloitte


In a conventional ‘top-down’ organisational structure, the business strategy guides the operational strategy which in turn, informs and develops the technical strategy. Or so the theory goes. But often, there is a conflict between corporate IT and the board’s drive towards innovation and direction. Chris White will explore some of these issues and discuss the role of the CIO in conflict resolution...

SPEAKER(S): Chris White, Former CIO at HFW LLP, Ashurst and Clyde&Co

Paul Excell, Former COO, Innovation & Group Technology Officer BT

CHAIR: Saira Khan, Innovation & Partnerships, HSBC


Born in the software industry, the Agile philosophy emphasizes the need for flexibility in decision making and the ability to pivot from the path set down in a strategic plan. It carries risks at the executive and board level but should it be embraced? And if so, how?...

SPEAKER(S): Fin Goulding, Founder, CIO & CTO, The Flow Academy

Haydn Shaughnessy, Co-Creater Enterprise, Flow

CHAIR: Darren Goldsby, Digital Business & Product Transformation Expert, Learn By Do


Covid has redefined how companies create and deliver value. Digital technology in particular, is driving transformative change at an unprecedented rate across entire industries.

But any successful digital transformation requires more than just buying new technology or redesigning products. Failure to align innovation with employee and customer values and behaviours can create additional risks if not managed properly.

SPEAKER(S): Lisa Beeching, Head of Supplier Management and Quality Assurance, (Former Head of Operations), First Central Insurance

Robert Zampetti, Digital HR Transformation and Workforce Experience, EY

Sean Gilchrist, Chief Digital Officer, The Co-operative Bank plc

Robert Zampetti, Digital HR Transformation and Workforce Experience, EYLEARN MORE >

As Technology continues to evolve, new and exciting Start-Ups enter the market giving consumers a new retail experience, offering alternative solutions that have not yet been available. As legacy organisations begin…

SPEAKER(S): Alex McCracken, Managing Director, Sillicon Valley Bank


Many CIOs struggle with discussing technology opportunity with Board colleagues, and yet technology is of the same fundamental importance in modern business as finance, operations, and other traditional board concerns. In this session Carl explains real world examples...

SPEAKER(S): Carl Stokes, Founder & Director, AMG Technology

Claire Koryczan, Founder, Beyond

CHAIR: Bryan Foss, Digital Non-Executive Director, Risk & Audit Chair FRC, aSource Global Group, Risk Coalition & Boardroom Ready


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