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Chief Procurement Officer

2020-2021 PROGRAMME


We’ll be discussing the economic and organisational changes that seem set to remain post-lockdown, and asking what this means for procurement professionals. Are procurement teams structured appropriately, or indeed suitably empowered, to deal with these challenges, and if not what changes should be made?...

SPEAKER(S): Warrick Matthews, CPO, Rolls Royce

CHAIR: Daniel Cameron, Chief Procurement Officer, Quilter


The CPO Advisory Panel assists the Winmark team to analyse the Member Survey results and provide advice on shaping the content for the 2021 programme.

NETWORK CHAIR: Daniel Cameron, CPO, Quilter PLC


As the art of predicting the future becomes increasingly more important, how can we utilise our existing knowledge capital to provide useful insights to create resilient and relevant supply chains. And to what extent does new technology and artificial intelligence play a role in the procurement team of the future?

SPEAKER(S): Ginny Warr, CPO, British Land


Aaron will deliver a construction sector perspective on the social value imperative and the importance of bringing your supply chain with you in response to increasing customer expectations and a desire to have a positive impact on the environment, within local communities and on local economies...

SPEAKER(S): Aaron Reid, Head of Sustainable Procurement, Balfour Beatty


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