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Business risk comes from different sources including consumer taste and demand, the overall economy, government regulation and clients. While businesses may not be able to completely avoid risk, they can take steps to mitigate the impact with a strategic risk plan. When forseeing a risk they can implement their plan earlier, but no risk is the same...

SPEAKER(S): Paul Willis, Director of Corporate Strategy, Manchester Airports Group

CHAIR: Katy Taylor, Group Commercial & Customer Director, The Go-Ahead Group Plc


When responding to a crisis, being proactive rather than reactive goes a long way. Having a crisis management plan is a start but Black Swan events, are by their very nature, impossible to predict. Thinking ahead by the C-suite helps, because it isn’t the plan that matters, it’s the planning process...

SPEAKER(S): Nick Lloyd, Deputy CISO, Head of Cyber Security Plans & Engagement, Maersk

CHAIR: James Owen, Partner, Head of Cyber Security, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Control Risks


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is one of the most misunderstood job titles in business. The requirements depend on business size, tech maturity, operating environment and many other factors. CISOs have the shortest tenure of all the C-level, with lack of understanding, high stress and pressure to perform regularly given as reasons for leaving positions...

SPEAKER(S): John Meakin, CISO & Cyber Security Advisor, Cyber CISO Ltd

Rob Newby, CISO, Interim Executive, NED, Smart DCC

CHAIR: Emma Burrows, Managing Director - Operations, CIO Connect, Singapore


In this meeting our speakers will discuss the challenges of the last 14 weeks, and importantly how the top team will need to change how they lead in the future. We have seen a change in the speed for decision-making, perception of risk and how technology has been the critical enabler during the pandemic, but what's next?

SPEAKER(S): Andrew Marks, CIO, Paragon Customer Communications

Darren Carlile, Head of Customer Operations, Capital One

Rupa Patel, General Counsel, Awaze

CHAIR: Diane Moore, Independent Non-Executive Director, HBL - Habib Bank Limited


Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization. Joff Sharpe, author of ‘Who Dares Wins in Business’, will discuss his experience and challenges in creating a new company within an existing big PLC...

SPEAKER(S): Joff Sharpe, Senior Adviser, Inventure, (previously COO at British Land)

CHAIR: Clare James, Director Operational Excellence, Manchester Airports Group


It doesn’t matter if you are in retail, finance, healthcare, B2B, software, hospitality, insurance, telecom, manufacturing or agriculture; if you are now not putting your customer first you will fall behind your competitors and suffer financially. Being a ‘Customer Centric’ company is more than just...

SPEAKER(S): Phillida Irving, Customer Strategy Manager, Caterpillar

Paul Pugal, MD Customer Experience UK & Ireland, FedEx

CHAIR: Rob Newnes-Smith, CTO, Digital, Employees & Partners, Thomson Reuters


Launched in 2008, First Central serves over 3 million customers and has a turnover of £100 million. Needing to adapt, adopt and work smarter resulted in a successful digital transformation of the their technology and operational capabilities in their call centres.

In this meeting, Lisa Beeching from First Central will discuss how the implementation of a project management strategy, 'Build it Small, Test it Quick' in their Complaints Department, led to significant operational improvements, but unearthed new challenges in their culture, skills, training, talent pipeline, leadership and reinforcing the companies values and purpose....

SPEAKER(S): Lisa Beeching, Head of Supplier Management and Quality Assurance, (Former Head of Operations), First Central Insurance


As Technology continues to evolve, new and exciting Start-Ups enter the market giving consumers a new retail experience, offering alternative solutions that have not yet been available. As legacy organisations begin…

SPEAKER(S): Alex McCracken, Managing Director, Sillicon Valley Bank


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