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The UK Government has pledged to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The government do have extensive plans in place to reduce emissions but it is business that will need to lead the way...

SPEAKER(S): Julie Baddeley, Chair, Chapter Zero

Kevin Price, Chief Operating Officer, BAFTA

David Golding, Group Corporate Services Director, Go-Ahead Group

Neil Beresford, Partner, Clyde & Co

CHAIR: Cressida Pollock, Advisor, Systemiq & Former CEO, ENO


Fintech organisations have become a prominent fixture in the technology world and have opened up new opportunities for customers. We hear  from one Fintech organisation about their ten year journey, from start-up to £100m revenue and what corporates can learn from their experiences along the way.

SPEAKER(S): Andrew Firth, Founder & CEO, Wealth Wizards


Eddie Haworth, CEO of Arnold Clark was voted as one of the top CEO's to work for in the Employees Choice category on Glassdoor. In this session, he will share his views on why CEO’s should be encouraging new people into their organisations and the importance of...

SPEAKER(S): Eddie Haworth, CEO, Arnold Clark


Businesses are experiencing competition more than ever before. The days of oligopoly are shifting and the legacy organisations are now being surpassed by disruptors who are customer aligned...

SPEAKER(S): Andrew Harrison, Airport Services Chief Executive Officer, Manchester Airports Group

CHAIR: Paul Fisher, CEO, Jockey Club


Diversity and inclusion continues to be a priority for organisations. but statistics show that progress remains slow. Members will explore some of the factors that inhibiting...

SPEAKER(S): Aongus Hegarty, President, EMEA, Dell


The values of a company are more than just words on a piece of paper or painted on the office wall. How can an organisation work with its people to combine their values with that of the brands? We will discuss…

SPEAKER(S): Atif Sheikh, CEO, businessfourzero


The Technology landscape has continued to evolve in dynamic and disruptive ways as organisations compete to fulfil customer demands. In order to effectively utilise these technologies, the board must…

SPEAKER(S): Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia

Matt Phelan, Co-Founder, The Happiness Index


Former CEOs will share their experiences, key learnings and what they wish they would have done differently in challenging…


When a crisis situation arises, it is vital that a company has some kind of plan in place so the issue can be dealt with appropriately...

SPEAKER(S): Alan Lovell, Chairman, Interserve


Does the amount you spend on Cyber Security reflect its importance to your organisation? And is there much point in investing huge sums of money if you don’t also invest the time to ...

CHAIR: Mike Haley, CEO, Cifas


A CEO is only as good as the team that they build around them. But as a CEO, how do you know that you’re employing the right people and that your top team is performing at the highest level? In this session, we explore...

SPEAKER(S): Debbie Hewitt, Chair, Visa Europe


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