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The UK Government has pledged to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The government do have extensive plans in place to reduce emissions but it is business that will need to lead the way...

SPEAKER(S): Julie Baddeley, Chair, Chapter Zero

Kevin Price, Chief Operating Officer, BAFTA

David Golding, Group Corporate Services Director, Go-Ahead Group

Neil Beresford, Partner, Clyde & Co

CHAIR: Cressida Pollock, Advisor, Systemiq & Former CEO, ENO


The Fintech Ecosystem has brought a new and innovative landscape to the financial services industry. The uniqueness and personality of these organisations has driven banks to invest heavily due to their inability to innovate quickly enough...

SPEAKER(S): Andrew Firth, Founder & CEO, Wealth Wizards

CHAIR: Matt Phelan, Co-Founder & Head of Global Happiness, The Happiness Index


Eddie Hawthorne, CEO of Arnold Clark was voted as one of the top CEO's to work for in the Employees Choice category on Glassdoor. In this session, he will share his views on why CEO’s should be encouraging new people into their organisations and the importance of...

SPEAKER(S): Eddie Hawthorne, CEO, Arnold Clark

CHAIR: Nilesh Shah, CEO, Blick Rothenberg


The speed of the disruption created by the pandemic has moved business leaders across all sectors to implement business continuity plans and demonstrate direction, confidence and resilience. How businesses survive through this unprecedented situation relies on the decisions made by leadership teams. This roundtable event will focus on the decisions business leaders are making to keep their business going in the short term, and bring prosperity in the future.

SPEAKER(S): Euan Blair, CEO, Whitehat


Now, more than ever the mirror's being held up to the promises organisations have made as an employer, and the social contracts made with employees. As companies scramble to juggle reassuring shareholders and employee safety, there is a need to balance humanity, togetherness with thinking ahead to the future. It’s an opportunity to mark this ‘moment in time’ with transformation and redefining the people strategy.

SPEAKER(S): Gemma McGrattan, Managing Director, McCann Synergy


Diversity and inclusion continues to be a priority for organisations. but statistics show that progress remains slow. Members will explore some of the factors that inhibiting...

SPEAKER(S): Aongus Hegarty, President, EMEA, Dell

CHAIR: Euan Blair, CEO & Founder, WhiteHat


Does your purpose capture your unique role in the market? Does it inspire every colleague to go above and beyond? Does it force the business to innovate, or else accept it’s just a slogan? Through COVID we’ve witnessed what our people are really capable of when they’re fuelled with purpose. But is your purpose strong enough to sustain energy and resilience beyond the crisis, and focus the big bets you are going to need to make over the next 24 months? The time to strengthen is now – society‘s expectations of business has been dramatically accelerated by COVID and will stay that way. And your colleagues need purpose to fuel them.

This session is a purpose masterclass from businessfourzero, where members will discuss how their businesses are changing faster than the world around them and why your purpose & culture has never been so important to get right.

SPEAKER(S): Atif Sheikh, CEO, businessfourzero

Liz Ashford, CPO, TSB


The COVID-19 pandemic has been arguably the most testing time in modern history for the human race. We have changed the way we live in a short space of time, social distancing from family and friends and working virtually. Organisations have been tested enormously, taking them to limits they have never experience before, from heart-breaking decisions on the workforce through to full scale reviews of how businesses will operate in the future.

SPEAKER(S): Derek Carter, CEO, Portakabin

CHAIR: Euan Blair, CEO & Founder, WhiteHat


The change in how we work forced by COVID-19 has brought about many opportunities and challenges. Boards and leadership teams have adapted quickly to ensure continued effective engagement and communications with employees and clients. In this session we will discuss:
· What are the differences with digital mentoring
· Why is mentoring more important than ever
· How does the technology help or hinder
· Managing expectations and results
· Ideas for successful mentoring in the Covid world

SPEAKER(S): Stephen Pierce, Deputy Managing Director, Hitachi Europe

CHAIR: Lesley Knox, Portfolio NED & Chairman, L&G plc, Centrica, Thomas Cook & more


Many organisations are through the “emergency” phase of responding to Covid-19, and there is now a growing public discussion about what happens next, particularly how businesses might “build back better”. This will be an open, panel discussion with an opportunity to share your own challenges and experiences with your peers.

PANELLISTS: Christopher Rodrigues, Chairman, Port of London Authority

Wendy Barnes, Portfolio NED, OCS Group, BMT Group & more

FACILITATOR: Belden Menkus, Managing Director, Menkus & Associates


The Technology landscape has continued to evolve in dynamic and disruptive ways as organisations compete to fulfil customer demands. In order to effectively utilise these technologies, the board must…

SPEAKER(S): Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia

CHAIR: Daryn Edgar, NED, Glisser


Steven Cooper, Group CEO of Hoare & Co will joins us to share his experiences of becoming & being a CEO. Hoare & Co was founded in 1672, remains a family owned bank and is the fifth oldest bank in the World. Steven will take us on his career journey, providing insight to key milestones that have helped shaped him as a Chief Exec, what he has learned from the challenges faced along the way, how he would do things differently next time and the impact of COVID-19 on CEO effectiveness.

SPEAKER(S): Steven Cooper, Group CEO, C.Hoare & Co

CHAIR: Peter Fanning, former CEO, Chartered Institute of Tax & OGC (within HM Treasury Group)


Organisations have been tested like never before throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Crisis Management is often a key priority on the Board agenda and the last 9 months has seen Boards being pushed to their very limit in handling this invisible enemy that has brought about very visible challenges...

SPEAKER(S): Alan Lovell, Chairman, Interserve

CHAIR: Sally Osman, Former Communications Director, Sky, BBC, Sony & Her Majesty The Queen


Pivotal relationships and team culture are built on emotional engagement – but how do you do that in the current E world and with the looming on-off waves of shut-down? There are many examples of how, even with a rigorous selection process, the business relationships do not gel as quickly as was hoped, leading to a sense of frustration and underperformance caused by relationship dynamics...

PANEL: Francesca d’Arcangeli, Managing Partner UK&I, Boyden

Andy Wolfe, Partner, Boyden


Does the amount you spend on Cyber Security reflect its importance to your organisation? And is there much point in investing huge sums of money if you don’t also invest the time to ...

SPEAKER(S): Steven Trippier, Group CISO, Anglian Water

Paul Davies, CISO, Harrods

Tom Van den Eynde & Gert Van den Poel, Founders, Cybervalue


A CEO is only as good as the team that they build around them. But as a CEO, how do you know that you’re employing the right people and that your top team is performing at the highest level? In this session, we explore...

SPEAKER(S): Debbie Hewitt, Chair, Visa Europe


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