Global General Counsel Academy

The Global General Counsel Academy runs courses that combine to make an Award and Certificate in General Counsel Legal Management. All modules are built on more than 500 documents included in the Know-How Library of our CLO Network  and they aim to provide business knowledge and leadership skills specific to legal departments.

What is the Global General Counsel Academy?

The Global General Counsel Academy is 

  • Informed by experienced senior GCs
  • Captures best working practices of leading counsel
  • Crystallizes the skills knowledge and management expertise needed for GCs
  • Delivers key skills training through the Academy training programme 
Winmark’s CLO Network and wider interaction with GCs from different sectors, identified crucial GC skills which fall into four categories: 

  1. GC Leadership
  2. Legal Department Management
  3. External Law Firm Management
  4. Risk Management 
The GGCA delivers 32 modules of training each year relating to each of the 4 skill areas. 

The Next Dates for the Global General Counsel Academy Are:

Global GC Academy Sep Nov
Managing the Legal Departments (double module)11 
Monitoring and Responding to Changing Legislation12 
Dispute and Litigation Management12 
Talent strategies & Alternative Career Paths13 
Strategic Planning for Legal Functions


Legal Function Budgets: Setting, Managing and Monitoring14 
Law Firm Management & Appraisal Systems14 
Legal Risk Management 20
Crisis Management 20
Legal function Dashboards, Metrics & ROI 21

Legal Function Operational Management


Digital Transformation of the Legal Function 22
Demand Management, Panels & Strategic Procurement 22
Legal Reduction of Cyber Risk 23
Working with the C-Suite and Board 23

* Elements of the programme are subject to change in order to reflect the dynamic needs of GCs

For more information email or telephone Winmark and ask for the Academies and Development team. 

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