Winmark is a world class standard in the management of membership communities and has been a leader in this field since 1997. Today, over 2,500 directors and business leaders choose Winmark networks to source new ideas, learn from the best of their peers, and to keep abreast of cutting-edge management best practice. Member organisations range from the largest FTSE & Fortune companies to Central Government Departments, representing trillions of dollars in revenues and millions of people in global headcount. To meet their thirst for management know-how and valuable contacts Winmark works closely with the leading industry experts, Institutes and Business Schools, including Oxford, Cranfield, London and Ashridge.


“Business leaders are in the wealth creation business and have the ability to improve the lives of millions of people. Give them a safe environment, access to the best know-how and people, and support them along the way, and they will do exactly this.”
John Jeffcock, Chief Executive, Winmark

The purpose of Winmark is to enable people in leadership roles to take full advantage of their time in role. This is not only beneficial to the individual, but also raises the profile and improves the performance of the business for which they are responsible. This is good for them, the organisations they serve and the many people who benefit from their activity.


Winmark has four core values, against which our actions are continually measured. They are:
  • WORKING with INTEGRITY - we respect our colleagues, and support our clients in the creation of wealth and knowledge through integrity, trust and accountability.
  • VALUING PEOPLE - we recognise and encourage the excellence of our people and reward first class contribution.
  • EXCEEDING CLIENT EXPECTATIONS - we prioritise the delivery of quality, creative services – and always aim to exceed client expectations.
  • SHARING KNOWLEDGE - We promote active collaboration and the exchange of knowledge to advance a culture of innovation.

For further information please contact john.jeffcock@winmarkeurope.com or on +44 20 7605 8000.

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