City Women's Network (CWN)

The City Women Network (CWN) was founded in 1978 as a network for senior women originally within the Square Mile. CWN is now a vibrant and supportive group consisting of over 250 members as well as a growing corporate membership that includes BNY Mellon, GE Capital and RBS. Members are senior women in a wide range of roles including managing and executive directors, partners, non-executive directors, trustees and entrepreneurs as well as senior figures in public service and the professions.

Winmark took over the operational management of CWN in 2013 and still manages the network today. This is a proactive role where Winmark employed its own systems and templates to support and further drive this impressive network. The key relationship objectives that are met and regularly surpassed are:

1. Board & Governance
  • The Board of CWN maintained strategic leadership and control of the network
  • The administrative workload of the CWN Board was reduced by the Winmark intervention
  • CWN have complete confidence in the quality and robustness of the Winmark services provided

2. Brand & Membership Offering
  • The Brand of CWN was and is enhanced by the Winmark operational intervention
  • The Winmark intervention has reduce the risk exposure of CWN
  • Winmark is well placed to and advices on existing and future CWN operations and services

3. Quality & Member Experience
  • The CWN membership experience has improved as a result of the Winmark intervention
  • The Winmark administrative operations have a reputation with CWN members for being friendly and proactive
  • Winmark has enabled CWN to enhance the membership offering in depth and breadth

4. Handover & Reporting
  • Winmark achieved minimal disruption to members in the handover process
  • Through early planning, reporting and professional management Winmark has freed up 15-20% of the CWN’s time
  • The CWN Board now has better membership intelligence than it has ever had before

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