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Based on our experience, particularly with professional services firms, formal feedback programmes are a major element in successful client engagement. We encourage our clients to listen to their own clients to maximise performance.

Benefits of using Winmark Business Intelligence include:

  • Experienced, high-level interviewers - All of Winmark's interviewers are trained in qualitative in-depth interviewing and only employees of Research Manager grade or above are used to conduct high level face-to-face consultations.
  • Consultancy services - Winmark works with clients to develop action plans for each account and to focus on any areas that require improvement.
  • Project Management - Winmark has considerable experience in managing the work process and we always aim to minimise the time commitments foreseen by clients.
  • Client Engagement - By honing its communication skills Winmark strives to deliver a 100% client participation rate.
  • Qualitative Analysis - The Winmark team is adept at analysing both quantitative and qualitative data.

Successful organisations know that winning new clients is more expensive than retaining the existing variety. They can therefore invest in a feedback loop that ensures that future revenues are safeguarded by a process of constantly soliciting and satisfying the requirements of their existing clientele. We can help you get closer than you imagined possible to your clients and show you exactly how they view your level of service.

Winmark Works: The client research that changed a multinational's strategy

In order to develop effective strategies for winning new business, a US multinational was keen to assess the quality of service received by its existing clients. It also wanted to learn how its target audience perceived the firm, and to investigate why unconverted prospects chose to take their business elsewhere. Winmark devised a series of face-to-face and telephone interviews with a representative sample of each of these constituencies. Our findings and analysis led, in the tactical field, to direct account-level reform, as well as to a change in the multinational's long-term direction.

Our Clients Say...

The project team were extremely helpful and responsive to our changing needs, requirements and time constraints. They were very insightful, providing guidance and making recommendations when required. I would definitely look to work with Winmark again and recommend them to others.

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