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Winmark is expert in helping clients develop brands and products and define pricing. Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Brand evaluation research - Primary research that aims to unearth the real perception of your brand among your most significant contacts, who range from your own employees to clients and the wider market. Without such findings an informed approach to brand strategy is impossible.
  • Competitor positioning research - Developing a full profile of where you sit in relation to your competitors; locating where your strengths lie and where advantages over your rivals exist that you should exploit.
  • Product and pricing research - Research to assess the wisdom of creating the product and to analyse the likely demand for it, and to adjust the product's design and price to ensure a successful launch.
  • Communications tracking research - Research to both maximise the impact of advertising (especially for web based content) and to measure the success of a given promotional campaign.

The attraction exerted by a brand may be emotional and intangible, but the value of a brand is both concrete and measurable: your brand is a living business asset. Input from Winmark’s Marketing Director Network ensures that our advice about brand, moreover, has been enriched by the most up-to-date industry thinking.

Winmark research can offer you insights into the brand lifecycle. From its initial development to both short and long-term performance analysis, we are able, not only to provide your brand with regular 'health checks', but to give you expert advice on how to keep it relevant and attractive to new and existing audiences.

Winmark Works: Building a seductive post-merger international brand  

Following a merger, rising ambition inside the business and increasing demand from customers without led an international tour operator to try to adjust its brand to further its future growth.  

Through qualitative interviews and quantitative online surveys, Winmark was able to find how employees and consumers in a range of countries perceived both the existing brand and possible alternatives to it. Our analysis revealed emotional and behavioural tendencies within both staff and customers that indicated to which brand they were most likely to direct their commercial and other loyalty. We were therefore able to give a clear recommendation to the tour operator on how to implement brand change. 

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Winmark provide us with insight into our clients’ needs as well as overall analysis of trends in the level of service we provide as a firm and areas – invaluable support.

CMS Cameron McKenna
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