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Masters Series Courses 2017
One-Day MBA   3 Mar 2017Book
 16 Jun 2017Book
 5 Sep 2017Book
 19 Oct 2017Book
One-Day MBA for Lawyers 12 May 2017Book
 29 Sep 2017Book
 17 Nov 2017Book
Finance for non-Financial Managers   24 Mar 2017Book
 18 Jul 2017Book
 6 Oct 2017Book
 8 Dec 2017Book
Practical Strategic Thinking 23 Feb 2017Book
 9 May 2017Book
 17 Oct 2017Book
Presenting with Impact for Business Leaders 21 Apr 2017Book
  21 Sep 2017Book
Project Management  21 Mar 2017Book
 8 Jun 2017Book
 14 Nov 2017Book
Coaching Best Practices  2 Feb 2017Book
 10 Nov 2017Book
Negotiating and Influencing Skills for Leaders  24 Jan 2017Book
 27 Sep 2017Book
Maximising your Leadership Potential  26 May 2017Book
 5 Dec 2017Book
Networking and Building Relationships  22 Feb 2017Book
 1 Sep 2017Book
Social Media for Business Development  7 Dec 2016Book
 31 Mar 2017Book
  13 Oct 2017Book
Digital Transformation (NEW for 2017) 28 Mar 2017Book
 7 Sept 2017Book

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