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October, 2017

Business decision making in difficult times

Central London | 08:30 - 11:00

Volatility can be frightening but in a time of prolonged uncertainty is it possible to channel it to make better business decisions?  Is it possible to keep driving progress when you don’t know the outcome?  This workshop will help you develop tools and techniques  for your own role but also to help motivate wider teams.

November, 2017

The deliberately developmental organisation

Central London | 09:00 - 11:30

DDOs operate under the conviction that organizations are most likely to prosper when they are deeply aligned with one of their workers’ strongest motives: to grow. How can your business implement this concept? 

December, 2017

HR and the Board

Central London | 12:30 - 14:30

HR can bring significant strategic value to the boardroom and need to get their voice heard. The best way to get leaders to understand the importance of HR is to show them. This session will explore what group HR directors might do (and also might need to do differently!) to increase their involvement at board level.

If you are interested in attending any of these Human Resources Director events, please contact us +44 (0)20 7605 8000.

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